Baology Olympiad Preparatory Course with Kevin Bao


Course Description

The premier USABO course taught by Biolympiad finalists and Harvard-educated instructors. The Baology prep course guides students to prepare for the United States of America Biolympiad (USABO) through weekly lectures by USABO finalist and Harvard graduate, Kevin Bao, as well as four assistants. Three office hours are available each week where instructors teach skill building, problem solving, and new concepts. Students have a weekly reading schedule.

Why Baology?

No course has the value that this course offers or the results. With some of the lowest rates, recorded lectures, and more than eleven finalists in past years, our course has no equal! Click below to find out more about what we’re all about.


Meet the Instructors

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Course Structure

Baology follows a regular cadence of three TA lectures during the week based on the material covered each Saturday in the main lecture. Unit summaries are written each year to match the interests and levels of the students in the course. We also give assigned readings each week to be completed before the main lecture and suggested readings for students curious to learn more. All this doesn't include spontaneous supplementary sessions, reviews and fun events!